What makes SFNY's Summer Intensive different from other programs?

We understand there are many wonderful NYC programs from which to choose, and it can be difficult to select the right one for your desired experience. SFNY is the only summer program in NYC that offers 8 full hours of private lessons, in addition to 30+ hours of group classes, all limited to 10 students total. There is no other program that offers this kind of individualized attention.

SFNY was built on the basis and encouragement of multiple sources of training. As such, we fully support the other organizations/ programs in NYC that help young artists build confidence through group exercises. If you're looking for a more relaxed, group-oriented and socially exciting program with emphasis on making friends, gaining stage confidence, and having fun, we recommend a different program. If you're looking for a more critical, personalized, attentive program with intensive skill building and networking opportunities to advance you to the highest level of individual vocal and acting abilities, SFNY is the place for you.




We’ve seen less expensive programs out there; what makes yours worth the cost?

For us, it comes down to one-on-one time. Other wonderful programs in NYC can occupy between 20-40 students in one program; this allows them offer their programs at reduced costs. SFNY limits its summer intensive to 10 students, all of whom receive 8 hours of private lessons per student, in addition to over 30+ hours of group classes. Tuition cost reflects the uniquely tailored and personalized experience each student receives. 



What is a Mini-Session? 

A one-week Mini Session is a compact version of our full two-week intensive. It’s designed to include highlights of the integral techniques of the two-week experience, condensed into one-week! Perfect for students who are on a time crunch or want a more budget-friendly intensive. 



Is there a difference between Session I and Session II?

The structures of each Session are identical. However, each Session includes different Broadway Artists, so therefore, the experiences in both Sessions are completely unique. 



Which Session is right for me?

All sessions, both two-week and one-week, are led by Broadway Artists of astounding accolade and the experience in each is held to the same, highest caliber of expertise. There is no “better session.” Therefore, we suggest selecting the one that fits into your budget and schedule. 



What is the age group of participants?

SFNY hand-selects students of all grade levels (high school and college) to fill out summer classes. All students participating are considered to be at the professional-training level and will benefit from interacting with each other, in addition to receiving their own individual feedback.



Is room and board provided?

SFNY does not provide housing or amenities. Travel and housing is the sole responsibility of the student.



We're traveling from out of town. Do you have students who would want to share a room or know people who can rent a room?

While SFNY does not provide housing, we recommend popular housing assistance resources such as Airbnb or Gypsy Housing (Facebook).



Where will classes be held?

SFNY summer classes will take place mainly at Shetler Studios, a premiere rehearsal studio in midtown New York City. All facilities are professionally maintained, educational, and professional environments easily accessible by public transit. Some classes may vary in location; students will be given advance notice for all locations.





Will all of the artists listed on the website be teaching?

Exact summer artists are subject to availability. All SFNY classes and private lessons are taught by esteemed Broadway artists.



What do I need to prepare?

Each class has its own preparation requirements. In general, students should come with at least two (2) 1-minute monologues, and three to four (3-4) contrasting full songs. Please check individual courses for specific preparation requirements.  



Are family/ friends allowed in classes?

To ensure the highest level of critical attention, family and friends are not allowed in classrooms. We appreciate your understanding. 



Are payment plans available?

Yes, we offer payment plans. Click here for more information on payment plans.





Session I (June)
Payment 1:    $2,325              Due: May 1st, 2018
Payment 2:    $2,325             Due: June 1st, 2018
TOTAL:       $4,650

Mini-Session (all June dates)
Payment 1:    $1,200                Due: May 1st, 2018
Payment 2:    $1,200               Due: June 1st, 2018
TOTAL:       $2,400

If you are in need of a specific payment plan, please submit your registration form and indicate your unique needs in the Payment Plan section. You may also email us:



SFNY’s Summer Intensive is a unique experience, one that requires the artistic and financial commitment of its participants.

You may submit a refund request no more than seven (7) days after your first payment and receive a (75%) refund, minus any processing fees. After the deadline, no refunds will be given. There are no other refunds offered. All cancellations made after the refund deadlines will be forfeited by the registrant or credit card holder.

If you are paying using a payment plan, no refunds of any kind will be offered. Upon cancellation, SFNY may offer a 50% credit of payments, minus any processing fees, to be used toward Skype lessons. This offer will come at the sole discretion of SFNY and is not guaranteed. 

All refund requests must be submitted via email to by the credit card holder before 5:00pm EST on the respective refund deadline days. Refund requests must include the name of the credit card holder, name of the attendee, and transaction number. Cancellations received after the strict stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

No-shows will not receive refunds. There will be no refunds, partial or full, for individual classes missed by the participant. There will be no refunds, partial or full, for performers who are late to attending classes. 

These above policies apply to all SFNY Sessions. Please read all individual event information thoroughly. We are unable to make any exceptions to the refund policy. We appreciate your understanding and compliance.


Straight From New York (SFNY) reserves the right refuse/ cancel Session registrations at any time. If SFNY cancels a registration, registrants will be offered a full refund.

SFNY reserves the right to cancel a Session due to inclement weather, or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. If SFNY cancels a Session, registrants will be offered a full refund.  Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of a Session, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer registration to the same Session at a new, future date.

In the event that a specific class within a Session is hindered by inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, a significant effort will be made by SFNY to reschedule the lost portion within the first or second week of the Session.





Focuses on “The Biz” side of artistry, helping to navigate through the processes of career-level trajectory (i.e. auditioning, living in NYC, finding an agent, getting your Equity card, and more). Actors learn self-sufficiency, networking tools, and are also able to ask questions specific to their individual needs. 


Infuses teamwork with pre-selected (2) and (3) person scenes to encourage more connected and momentous acting. The actor explores human interaction and reactionary freedom, while also discovering new methods for finding character intentions, physical behavior, and encompassing the given circumstances. 


Develops intensive reading and notation skills, as the actor learns to look more closely and attentively to the given text. Identifying detail, grasping the larger argument, and making informed choices from the text. Actors will learn to assess and deploy textual evidence while broadening critical thinking and interpretive skills. 


Traverses into the world of classical text, as the actor develops skills to lessen the “stylistic language barrier” of Classical and Shakespearean material. Through scenes and monologues, actors are enveloped in critical text and scene analysis, to gain an understanding of the presented scenarios and spoken word. 


Combines performing and planning strategies, in which the actor discovers their artistic and logistical trajectories. Assessing long-term planning goals (i.e. budgeting, saving, surviving in NYC, taxes, etc.), actors will leave feeling confident and empowered by their educated performance and financial decisions.


Utilizes one-on-one interaction to identify and challenge the unique personal habits of the actor, both spoken and sung, while simultaneously creating a personal and specific plan for vocal health, sustainability, and growth.  


Explores the depth of human nuance. The actor works toward making bold and specific choices in the best interest of the character, while also exploring their personal, emotional connection to their material. Actors also learn how to delineate the difference between choices and scenarios of a piece in its full context and its audition context. 


Encourages a symbiotic relationship between the actor’s breathing, physical behavior, and voice. The actor is provided with tools to minimize tension, develop strong and sustainable breathing habits, and establish beneficial exercises to ensure vocal health, sustainability, and growth.  


Examines the ins and outs of cold reads, callbacks, scenes with a ‘reader,’ and incites the actor to make aggressive, informed choices in the audition room. Boosting physical behavior, interaction with other actors, and contextual analysis, actors learn to feel more confident with sides. 


Evaluates the representation and personality of the actor’s song and monologue repertoire to ensure originality and material appropriately tailored to the actor’s specific skillsets. Recommendations are given for new material (i.e. research, styles, transpositions, arrangements, cuts, etc.), all specialized and tailored uniquely to them. Additionally, identifying and remedying any missing or neglected genres, to work toward an over-all well-rounded repertoire. 


Uncovers the differences in approach and acting styles between Music Theatre and Film/Television. Actors will receive sides to work through in front of a camera, and will watch and receive feedback from a Film and TV professional.


Guides actors through the process of learning a piece of audition choreography. No matter the performer's level or dance training, the instructor will bridge the gap between movement and execution in the dance audition room.