What is the cost to bring an artist out to my theatre?

Every theatre, artist, and experience is different and built based on performance needs, budget, and more! Once we know a little more about you, we’ll be able to find a pricing solution for your unique group!  


We are a non-profit or theatre with a small budget. Is there an option for us?

Yes! We understand many theatres operate on tight budgets. We will work with you to find a training opportunity based on your specific budget and financial situation.


Do we have to pay for travel, transport and hotel for the artist?

Generally, when artists travel for an event, the accommodations, transport, hotel, flight, etc. must be provided in addition to an artist fee. In some situations, the artist may already be in town, nearby, on tour, or another situation that allows for us to minimize travel expenses for you. We will work with you on the most cost-effective travel arrangements that also meet the comfort level of the artists!


I’m not sure which type of class/experience is right for us. Can you help?

We sure can. Get in touch through the contact form and we’ll take the reigns!


Are there scholarship or free class opportunities available?

Presently, SFNY does not offer any artist events free of charge.


Will the artist sing for us?

An additional performance element is available for most artists and can be added to most masterclasses. Kindly inquire through our contact form and we will be able to assist further!


Do we need to provide an accompanist?

Generally, an accompanist needs to be provided for audition masterclasses and performance events, unless otherwise specifically stated. This is an integral part of the professional experience. For other classes, please inquire through our contact form!