I’ve never taken a Skype lesson before. How does it work?

Skype lessons are so easy. Download the Skype app onto your phone, tablet, or computer and sign up for a free account. Be sure to have a strong Wifi, LTE, or 4G connection to ensure the best quality lesson possible. At your scheduled lesson time, the artist will call you on the Skype app and you will be able to see them and hear them on the other end. It’s that simple. 


What do I need to have prepared?

Please prepare material based on the focus of your particular lesson. If you want to focus on a particular song, audition cut, monologue, or ask career advice, etc. please have that corresponding material ready to perform. If you do not have something specific to work on, you and the artist can decide together what to perform or work on during your time!


How do I use Skype?

For instructions on how to download and use Skype for a lesson, please visit here.


Can we FaceTime instead?

Unfortunately FaceTime is not available for lessons. The Skype app is available on all devices, tablets, and computers and is easy to download and use!